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Working For a Living March 24, 2012

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So much has happened since my last post.


Most importantly…I GOT MY COUCH!!!!!! Yes, that is right. I can now happily mash ass on my own sofa. It’s the little things people. Anyway, we are as unpacked as we are going to get in this rental house. I swore on my life (well, almost) that I would never BUY a house while hubby was still serving. Too risky. So in keeping with the tradition I started when I had kids about doing things I said I’d never do, I decided we are going to buy a house. In fact, last weekend, we signed an agreement and wrote a gigantic check to put an offer on a house. I still can’t believe it. The market here is just too good to pass it up. I am going to hope that I am not eating those words any time in the future…and there are reasons I swear…which brings me to my next bit of news…


I GOT A JOB! I’ve been working for three weeks, hence the delay in posting. I found a good job as an office manager at pretty amazing company and couldn’t be happier working there. The benefits are great, the people are incredibly nice and I really enjoy the kind of work I’m doing. And definitely no complaints about the pay. My only real complaint is the commute. Which partly brought on the urge to buy a house. I want to live closer to work, especially since Felix’s school and Fiona’s day care are both within 3 miles of the office. It makes more sense for us to live down that way. And in addition, now that I have a good job and the kids are getting settled in to their schools, and we are enjoying Las Vegas so much, I am hoping to stay here for a while. Which is also a good reason to invest in a house. I am so over throwing away 12-15k a year on rent. I want to make an investment and plant some roots for my family now. We are going to try our best to stay put here as long as possible.


That’s the family life update. As for me, I have my days when I’m sitting in my office and staring at the kids pictures on my desk and really missing them, then I think about all the good that will come from me working, us being debt free, providing a good home and extra-curricular activities for them, being able to afford sports, and nice birthday’s and Christmases and the memories they will make doing the fun things we can now afford to do and I smile, because I know my kids will grow up feeling secure and happy and never worry about not being able to take that lesson, or join that team because mom and dad are broke. I know the time I would spend at home with them would be a sort of trade-off for that stuff but I think we will all be happier in the long run. I get a sense of balance in my life when I’m working. No one part of my life is too over loaded. I think that makes be a better wife, and a better mom. I appreciate the time I spend with my kids now instead of wishing for bed time to come. I hope everyone else in the house is as happy with my decision as I am.


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