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I Want My Couch! January 30, 2012

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I want my couch!! This was moaned and hollered many times by my friend Natalie when she moved to Germany, and then again when she moved to Louisiana. I made fun of her. Told her she was spoiled. And? I will never do that again. For 23 days we have been living in this house with lawn chairs in the living room, card board boxes for end tables and air mattresses to sleep on. And now, more than ever in my life…I WANT MY COUCH. I say that in the most annoying whiny voice you can imagine. Our crap is supposed to be delivered this coming Wednesday. PLEASE GOD let it happen. Not just for physical comfort but also for the mental stress.


Allow me to explain. I know that the military life isn’t for everyone. And I would have sworn it wasn’t for me right up until the day I married into the Air Force. Almost 7 years and 2 kids later here I am, and I can’t imagine life any different. However, it’s important to have comfort. Moving to a new place that you’ve never much visited, never mind lived, where you know nobody and have to use a GPS to go to the local Wal-Mart, is hard. And when you have your own belongings, and can put a personal touch on the place you are living, at least something then feels like, home, comfortable. I don’t have that. I have lawn chairs. Damnit. And yes, I’m spoiled and no I don’t care what you say. *sticking out my tongue*


I really do like Las Vegas. I love the weather and the scenery and all of the convenience of having anything I could ever want within a 30 minute drive. And? The only Hungry Howies in all of Nevada? Is in my neighborhood. Oh yes. I am in heaven. Yet…it’s still not home. It will be home when we can get comfortable here. Which brings me back to it…




PS – I can’t say the job hunt is going good or bad. Because I should work and we could definitely use the money but at the same time I love staying home. I love the freedom of it. The time with my kids. And I have decided that if I don’t get a job from the 60 or so applications I have put in already, that I’m not meant to have a job right now. I will keep applying to federal jobs as I see them posted and maybe some NAF positions, but other than that, I am slowing down the search. If God wants me to work, the I will get hired at the perfect job. I want to be wherever I should be, and that’s not up to me.


One Response to “I Want My Couch!”

  1. copychatter Says:

    I laughed at this post. It’s just not home without your things. It seems to get messier faster when your things are there to cover most of the mess. Sounds crazy…right?

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