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Viva Las Vegas! January 10, 2012

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Well…we’re here!!!! After a long flight we made it to Maryland and spent the week of Christmas at my mother-in-law’s house. My mom joined us and over all we all enjoyed the visit. The kids got very nice gifts and so did the adults!


After more long flights we made it to Las Vegas on the 29th! There’s slot machines in the airport. Not even kidding. What a beautiful, sunny, sparkly city!! We spent a week in TLF on Nellis. Which was awful. 1 bedroom for a family of 4 is a recipe for disaster. We were on top of each other and going insane.


We bought a car that week. We bought an Expedition for Julls. Which was totally unplanned. He was supposed to get a car, but after a few days in our rental car he decided that he didn’t want another car, he wanted something big and roomy and family-friendly. Hence, the Expedition. It’s really nice, I’m happy with our purchase 🙂


Then? We got a house! It’s one we had looked at when we were still in Germany. We like it a lot too. Except for the price. I hate that we can own for less than we can rent. Several hundred dollars less in fact. So, in about 6 months we will start house-hunting. It’s hard to believe that all of this has come about in such a short time.


I feel quite spoiled by everything that we have done, I hope I don’t regret it when the bills start rolling in. I have been looking for jobs like crazy. I am sure I have applied for 40-50 positions. Let’s hope something pans out. It’s all in God’s hands at this point.


Kindergarten here is only for 3 hours a day. Felix is going to Somerset Academy, a charter school. It’s a half hour drive from our house but I think it’s worth it. The school our house is zoned for sucks. Thank God there’s only 5 months left of the school year! Hopefully he gets into the campus that’s near our house next year! That will make life much simpler.


That’s it for new news. My next posts should put us back to my normal ramblings. Happy New Year!!!!!


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