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Moving day(s) December 17, 2011

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Well…the time finally came…our belonging are packed up and hauled away. We won’t see them again until mid to late January. It’s supposed to take my car 55 days to get to Los Angeles for pick up. Holy HELL that’s a long time. We are talking February people. I hope Julls and I find something we can share pretty quickly once we get to Las Vegas. Can’t accomplish much without wheels. At least I have an excuse to go to L.A. for the first time. May even make a weekend trip out of it!

Then I gotta get a job. A JOB. That scares the crap out of me. I’ve been out of the market for a long time now. 2.5 years. Who is going to want to hire an out of practice military wife and mother of 2? I’m a liability. I’m terrified. I applied for 5 positions last night. We will see how it goes…

Moving along. So moving, yes, we have a lot of crap. I hope we find a nice big ass house to put all our crap in because it’s insane to watch our stuff getting packed. Unpacking…now that will be fun. I have to try and tell myself over and over that the Lord knows what he is doing and it’s my job to follow that plan and try to make the best of whatever we get handed. Sounds easy enough…

TLF  is okay. We have all of the necessities and the beds are far better than the FMO ones. Good Lord, I had to get a massage after a week on that! We are on the second floor this time so I may tone my butt a little but at least we aren’t stiff and sore from climbing to the top! It’s dawning on me that it’s not so much that I’m going to miss being here, as that I have gotten comfortable here and the comfort of knowing the routine and knowing what’s going on from day to day is what I’m going to miss.

Las Vegas is the unknown and people are always afraid of the unknown. Especially me. Control freak doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when we are talking about me. I don’t like surprises (unless they turn out good in the end but normally they scare the hell out of me when they happen). I don’t like missing details. I don’t like change. Everything about Vegas is going to be new. Nothing will be familiar. I hope it feels like home sooner rather than later. I just keep telling myself that at minimum everything will be in English 🙂 and that’s something!


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