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Spoiled Brats December 16, 2011

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I read a post by a blogger that I follow ( and I must say that she took the words right out of my mouth! This is what is wrong with kids today…

“I have never watched an episode of X Factor ever.  However, that apparently wasn’t even a requirement to see the latest example of spoiled ass children who think that the world owes themEVERYTHING.  The young 13-year-old girl, whose name I didn’t even bother to look up for this because I don’t want to see her pathetic “poor me” shit again, that recently lost …..took her loss a step further…… and completely lost her shit in front of millions of viewers.  And by lost her shit, I am referring to the fact that she threw a temper tantrum of epic proportions and cried big, fat, snot-slobbery tears because life was SO unfair and she’d been SO horrendously wronged.  She then promptly planted her whiny ass on the floor and cried harder still.  All that was missing was the kicking and screaming that usually accompanies the standard two-year-old tantrum.  Many, many people came up on the stage to coddle her bratty ass and tell her she was awesome and terrific and special (never mind that she was behaving in a manner not condusive to any of these things).  And while I’ve watched clips of this escapade on the news……all that I’m left wondering is this…….where in the HELL is this childs mother???  And why wasn’t she there on the stage yanking that ungrateful bitch up by her hair and demanding she act appropriately.

I’ve come to the realization that nearly every child I know, or have even randomly heard of, feels that life will always be fair and just and nothing sad or negative will ever occur.  Kids are generally accustomed to the general rule that there are “no losers” in sports that they participate in and are given chance after chance  for a do-over when they mess up, instead of the customary “wow, you sucked huge….better luck next time”.  Everything is made standard across the board so that no one ever feels left out or harmed.

I volunteer in my penis persons 1st grade class once a week.  I’m in charge of doling out their math test for the week and then grading their papers.  There is very little anxiety or practically zero nervous apprehension about taking their tests.  And the reason is THIS……if a child doesn’t master the math skills for any given week, s/he gets to repeat it again the next week.  And the next week.  And the next week.  Until they finally get it right.  Now, I’m all for trying to make ensure that no one falls behind to the point where they never manage to catch up.  However, this reeks more of mediocracy and minimalist thinking.  You get to keep trying and trying until you finally study enough to pass.   But maybe if they studied harder THE FIRST TIME AROUND they wouldn’t waste so many damn weeks on unnecessary do-overs.

And entitlement isn’t just limited to these things…..we seem to be raising a generation of kids who think that they are entitled to rewards for doing the most basic of tasks….like making their bed or cleaning their room.  Shit they should be doing because it’s just their damn job to do it.  I asked the older penis person to watch his baby brother for me for a few moments while I threw some food on the stove to feed them.  He looked me dead in the eye and innocently asked “what’s in it for ME”.  It took every last ounce of my super amazing mommy strength to NOT beat him senseless with his own arms simply for the sheer joy of it.

I don’t get why everything our kids do must come with instant gratification. They not only feel entitled….they feel completely justified in feeling entitled.  They are told practically daily that they are brilliant and wonderful and there is no room for improvement because they are just spectacular always and forever. And I don’t even entirely think it’s the fault of an equally entitled feelingparent or two.  Society and the media and their peers give the impression that you don’t need to work hard to earn what you get….you simply have to just exist……. and the entitlements will just roll right in.

And so I find myself feeling a case of entitlement coming over me…….I feel entitled to a kid who doesn’t think that the world revolves around his very being.  I feel entitled to expect my children to actually work hard and earn shit for themselves.   I feel entitled to whack my kids in the noggin when they feel it necessary to plant a smug look on their face and incessantly assume myself and the rest of the world should just simply ply them with a barrage of kudos for shit you could train a monkey to do.

I’m not even sure exactly what we, as parents, can do to stop this belief of entitlement.  It’s not as if we can whisk them off to a third world country to give them a glimpse at how desperately hard life really is for other children.  We can’t punish them by taking away one of their hundreds of wonderful possessions…because really, we just end up punishing OURSELVES with that move and no one wants THAT kind of headache.  But there has got to be a way to make them appreciate their good fortune and teach them to lose, yes….actually LOSE, gracefully.”


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