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30 Days of Giving Thanks November 30, 2011

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So I’ve jumped on board with the Thanksgiving train. Everyone is posting their thanks each day on their FB status, but I have decided to collect mine here, at the end of each day and post it at the end of the month. I will reflect on each day and decide what I am thankful for, even on the worst of days it helps me remember that I am still blessed.

November 1: Today I am thankful for opportunities God presents us with. An old man and his wife were walking in my neighborhood today and the old man fell on the sidewalk in front of my house. I was able to go outside and help him up and get him back home safely. I’ve been struggling with my faults lately and I got the opportunity to help someone less fortunate than me and to be reminded that in spite of all my faults I am a good person.

November 2: Today I am thankful for the security my husband’s job provides for our family. I went food shopping and browsed around the BX and didn’t have to worry about how I would provide dinner for my family or clothing for my children. In the afternoon Fiona had her physical therapy session from the therapist provided by the base, also because of my husband’s job. We are blessed.

November 3: Today I am thankful for my good friends. I have several women on my life who all bring me different things. Laughter, companionship, a shoulder, a different perspective, and I appreciate them all. Time and distance are irrelevant. We can pick up where we left off and it’s as if time never happened. My life wouldn’t be the same without them.

November 4: Today I am thankful for my children. They are beautiful, and full of personality and bring me countless moments of pleasure, pain, laughter, heartache, and love. They are my guardian angels sent to me to save me from what I may have become without them. They keep me strong, and on the right path, because in the end, they are all that matters to me in this life above all else.

***WE GOT ORDERS!!!!!!! We found out after I posted that we will be packing up next month and moving to Las Vegas, Nevada!!! That was totally not expected but I think it will be an adventure. The plan-a-holic in me will be researching all weekend long. On a side note: Fiona is sick with a tummy bug. She woke up from nap with a fever, poor baby threw up 3 times this evening. I hope tomorrow is better for her.***

November 5: Today I am thankful for sickness. Being sick makes you appreciate being well. Same goes for the kiddos. I appreciate them in a different way when they are sick. When I am worried about them I am reminded of how special they are and how much they mean to me. Without the hard times you forget to appreciate the good times and for that I am a better person/mom/wife. (even when I’m getting thrown up on)

November 6: Today I am thankful for the internet. I have spent countless hours house hunting, school researching, and learning about our new duty station without having to be there. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for military folks before Google! (also? Fiona is much better today. YAY)

November 7: Today I am thankful for my husband. We got along well all day and he spent the evening making me laugh. It’s those small moments that remind us why we are with someone to begin with, even if they drive us crazy 90% of the time. The hard times test us but in the end this marriage is forever for us, and that’s something I can always count on. (Famous last words right? I don’t think so…)

November 8: Today I am thankful for answered prayers. Even when they are delayed, there’s a reason for it. My understanding came in God’s time and that is further proof that he’s watching over us, knows what is best for us, and is always listening.

November 9: Today I am thankful for the opportunity to learn a new craft. I have begun to make a quilt for Fiona. The lady who teaches the sewing and quilting classes is the mom of one of Felix’s class mates from last year and we have become friends of sorts and she is teaching me to sew on the side. It’s a blessing to have people in your life at just the right time for just the right reasons.

November 10: Today I am thankful to “live” in a democratic country that offers freedom for people to be who they are. I am thankful for the right to change things if I’m not happy with them and for the right to do as I please.

November 11: Today I am thankful to spend Veteran’s Day at home with my husband and kids instead of missing him while he is deployed. I made it through his first deployment fairly easily surrounded with friends and family but I think it would be a bit harder now with 2 kids and living far away from everyone.

November 12: Today I am thankful for easy days. We spent the morning running errands, eating lunch out together and then working around the house for our move and everyone cooperated for everything easily all day. It’s lovely when things just flow.

November 13: Today I am thankful for my little Fiona. She makes life to incredibly blissfully complicated. She challenges me and at the same time gives me immeasurable joys every day. I have missed working but staying home with her has been amazing and I will always look back on that time fondly.

November 14: Today I am thankful for the time I was alloted here in Germany to stay at home. Thought I do look forward to going to back to work I really have loved being here for my kids and getting to take such part in their lives while they are small. I’m going to miss this. (and Fiona’s quilt is looking awesome btw!)

November 15: Today I am thankful for our awesome landlords. They came over to sign our 30 move out notice this evening. A little while back I was changing a light bulb in the bathroom and dropped the light cover, which exploded glass everywhere. I went out to find a replacement and they don’t do that here, you have to get a whole new fixture. So then we had to show it to him last night when we inquired about our deposit and cut a deal. Julls would get him 2 pairs of ABU pants and we would forget about the light fixture. YES!

November 16: Today I am thankful for my Christian friends. Their posts on FB about the Lord are like my own little sticky notes to remind me to nurture my relationship with God and continue to talk to him, even when things are good in my life, and not to just run to him when things get hard.

November 17: Today I am thankful for Felix. He has been such an amazing blessing in my life. He tries my patience and reminds me of how hard being a kid can be, and he challenges me to be a better mom. He’s very talented despite his “special needs” and it’s awesome every day to see the things he creates through the gifts God gave him. Without him I would not be whole.

November 18: Today I am thankful that I could go into our pantry and dig out a bag full of groceries to donate to the PTA food drive for this year. We are well fed, warm, and enjoy many luxuries every day. Sometimes I feel like we could be doing so much better but really we are doing better than many others.

November 19: Today I am thankful for modern technology. Sometimes machines don’t seem worth the havoc they can reek on our lives but I think about how people must have gotten things done, like house-hunting and job searching before computers and the internet and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been!

November 20: Today I am thankful for lazy Sunday’s spent with my family. Sleeping in, coffee, cinnamon rolls and cartoons and the kids running up to hug me when I stumble into the living room at 10am. And of course for my husband for getting up with the kids.

November 21: Today I am thankful that things for our move are running very smoothly and it’s looking like we might have an easy time. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx it…

November 22: Today I am thankful that my husband and I were both able to go to Felix’s school for his Thanksgiving Luncheon and share that with him. There was a little girl whose parents did not come and she was in tears and I just wanted to hold her and tell her it would be OK.

November 23: Today I am thankful for safe travels. We have come to southern Germany one last time to spend several days with Julian’s family and the trip over was easy. I like easy!! Also thankful that his aunt and uncle were willing to open their home to us.

November 24: Today I am thankful that Julian got to spend a wonderful last day with his grandparents. Everyone had a lovely time and it was very important to see them today.

November 25: Today I am thankful for THANKSGIVING. We made a traditional Thanksgiving meal for Julls aunt and uncle, although it’s a day late, they loved it! And? I still got to enjoy yummy Thanksgiving food even though we weren’t at home. Awesomeness. Also? We got a nice surprise from the money Gods today as well. Super Awesome.

November 26: Today I am thankful for extended family. Julls and I have had an amazing time with his extended family in Germany and have gotten to see some really cool things with them (even if our kids both threw up in front of them!)

November 27: Today I am thankful for Christmas markets. We stopped at 3 on the way home from South Germany and got some GREAT stuff to take home with us as well as gifts for the fam. Can’t ask for more!

November 28: Today I am thankful for our babysitter. She has been really good about keeping the kids for us when we really need it, and today Julls and I were able to accomplish a ton for the move. Two more days and they are coming to get our stuff!!!

November 29: Today I am thankful for unemployment. As a spouse of a military member I am entitled to draw unemployment for leaving my full-time position to accompany him on a tour overseas. Being able to do so has allowed me to help provide for my family when I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to and that is a huge blessing.

November 30: Today I am thankful for alone time. It is in these short stolen moments that I get to reflect on my day, my life, my dreams and regain focus on what is important in life, where I am going and who I want to be.


Well that’s it! 30 days of being thankful for something each day. It was a little more challenging than I thought it would be to choose what to write about each day, but I’ll look back at this years from now and hopefully remember each thing just the way I thought about it when I wrote it.


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