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I Like to Move It, Move It! November 9, 2011

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We finally got our assignment! So, we are making all kinds of progress towards our upcoming move! We have turned in everything we need to get our hard orders, and have scheduled temporary lodging here and at Nellis, scheduled the shuttle to take us to the plane, scheduled our leave-en-route to spend Christmas with family, schedule our plane rides, and rental cars, whew, and we are just getting started. Feels good to see things going forward, definitely exciting.

I have signed up to get some quilting lessons before we leave so that I can take Fiona’s new quilt, all made by mommy to use on her bed at the new house. I am very excited by this. I love doing these things that were never part of my life growing up, and blessed to have the opportunity to do these types of things for my kids. They are so special but I’m sure almost every mom feels that way about her kids.

Speaking of kids, Fiona is in the terrible 2’s, and Lord some days are rough. I know she will outgrow it, but I get all butt hurt and start acting like a toddler myself when I get mad at her. Get a grip right? I think the timing is perfect for me to get back to work and get her in daycare or preschool. The socialization will be good for both of us.

House hunting and school hunting is tedious in a big area, goodness. I am keeping on top of it though in case we don’t get base housing. Felix will need to get back in to school ASAP and I don’t want him to fall behind. Kind of makes things pressing to decide right away if we will live on or off base. *sigh


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