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Massive Let Down with a Touch of Annoyance November 2, 2011

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STUPID STUPID military getting my hopes up. Our EFMP reassignment that was supposed to take 4-6 weeks to process is now going to take 8 weeks to process. And of course since they already told me 4-6 weeks and that was wrong, how an I supposed to believe it will be done at 8 weeks? I am a little bit pissed at every time the phone rang and I jumped thinking it was Julls calling to tell me we had an assignment. And every time I called him and asked him to log into the system and check. And every minute of every day I wasted thinking and worrying about something I really couldn’t do anything about.


I need to slow down, get a grip, and continue to patiently try and prepare for the day we do get the assignment and try not to think about it constantly between now and then. Which is no easy task considering my psycho brain and how it does whatever it wants no matter what I direct it to do. Yeah…wish me luck.


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