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The Most Beautiful City in Poland November 1, 2011

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My last European excursion was a girl’s trip to Boleslawiec, Poland. I took my friend Marcia. I think she and I are somehow connected at the cellular level. We are very much alike and got along famously the whole trip. We stayed in a cute little B&B called the Pensjonat “U Janiny”. We got a fabulously tacky apartment and I bought crap loads of pottery. Pretty much everything I will need for the rest of all eternity. Oh, and we ate awesome Polish food at this neat little log cabin restaurant. It was super.

My generous MIL pitched in for my collection. Which is cool since we eloped and have no wedding china or anything, plus her pottery collection was my inspiration. Now, in case you are unaware, Poland is in the process of joining the EU, but they aren’t totally there yet and though there’s open borders, they still use their own currency, just like Croatia. Also? like Croatia, the country is poor as hell. And also like Croatia, it shows.

Which is why it’s hilarious that when we were checking out, we spoke to the B&B owner about the festival in August of each year when everyone paints themselves up in pottery ash, and the pieces are sold dirt cheap and there’s celebration and dancing, that he told us that Boleslawiec was the most beautiful city in Poland, that it had been voted so. *snicker* Marcia and I tried to keep straight faces. Seriously? I didn’t get to see a ton of Poland since the city is about 30 minutes over the border, but, from what I did see, there is nothing beautiful about the country of Poland. Except the pottery.

Here’s some pics from our adventure:







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