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Patiently impatient October 17, 2011

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I’ve got two new posts started here and not published them yet. You’d think I could keep up but life just seems to be going in all directions lately. I’m busy at times but even when I’m able to sit and relax I feel like everything is racing. We still haven’t heard anything about our new assignment, whether there will in fact be one or what it might be. We were given a time table of 4-6 weeks which we are about smack dab in the middle of. That means in the next 10 days we will know…provided what they told us is right.


I’ve tried to stay busy working around the house. I’ve torn down the guest room to use as a storage area and cleared out the attic spaces, taken down most of my decorations and drapes and purged through toys and clothes and other items that are no longer wanted or required. I’ve reached a stalling point however, because until we know for sure if there will be a new assignment and where that might be, there’s not much more I can or will do. What if I get it all torn down only to find that we aren’t moving? What if I get rid of some of the wrong things? So I’m stalled for the most part. And going insane. Because I’m super impatient. It’s like the two minutes that seems to be an hour when you take a pregnancy test and wait to see how many lines show up. Two weeks is feeling like two months. And then, what if they were wrong, and we don’t find out in the 4-6 week range. When then? See how one can drive themselves crazy?


So in the mean time I am trying to be still, and relax, and just wait. But really I’m only be patiently impatient.


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