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I might be crazy…maybe…but I don’t think so… September 7, 2011

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I need to vent.

My husband started a new position within his job doing administrative work instead of working in the field a few months ago. Part of his job is taking and passing proficiency tests called CDC’s. Have I ever mentioned my husband is a horrible test taker? Well now ya know. Anyway, he’s not passed the set of CDC’s he’s working on. So, his boss has him staying after work until 6pm every day. So, he’s working 7am-6pm 5 days a week. Really.

Also? This new admin position has him going to lots of meetings and whatever which means I can never get him on the phone anymore either. This means I get to see him from about 6:30pm to whenever we pass out. Much of this time is taken with getting the kids fed dinner, baths, and bedtime. Which means I really only get to see him on the weekends, during which time he wants to chill out, decompress and not chat or entertain the kids, which really means I FEEL SINGLE. I hate it. Don’t people get married so they have someone to share a life with? We have tried taking family trips, which are mostly stressful with kids the ages of ours…I’m ready to freakin’ explode.

I’m tired of hearing Felix ask when daddy is coming home, and why daddy has to work all the time. I’m tired of playing single mom. I’m tired of being tired all the time. I’m tired of being annoyed with my husband because I feel abandoned all the time and like I have nobody to rely on. I’m tired of feeling let down every day because I have all these expectations of Julls to entertain me and make me feel appreciated when he comes home, then all he wants to do is put his feet up and chill and not be bothered by anyone. And I get it, some of this is my own baggage, but really, come on. This is unreasonable. I’m going berserk.


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