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Way to prove me right! August 16, 2011

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I had an appointment with the therapist today. My second one. I’m seeing a therapist per the recommendation of my psychiatrist. I am seeing a psychiatrist because I am depressed and have done well on anti-depressants in the past. I am depressed because….well, if I have to explain this you have not read the rest of my blog. In which case, go back and start at the beginning. I’ll wait…….


Done? Ok good.

So, I’m seeing the therapist. I didn’t feel like we had any chemistry at our first session. I told the psychiatrist and he said I needed to give it a chance. FINE. So I saw her again today. Please tell me how a therapist who is not married and has no kids can at all relate to me? In her defense she tries, but really, she has no idea what I go through. We talked about what is happening with our request to transfer out of here. We talk about what might happen if it doesn’t get approved. We talk about Julls possibly deploying. We talk about Kim and the fact that she’s leaving in less than 6 weeks and how I’m going to cope with all my best girlfriends being gone.

Then it comes….speaking of changes and people being gone, the therapist is now PCSing. This will be our last session. Um, what???

My case is being transferred to another therapist. Already. Part of therapy is building a repoire with someone you trust who gets to know you and can give you sound advice because they know you. How is that supposed to happen when everyone who takes care of me here is coming and going all time? Which is exactly why we are applying for this transfer to begin with! Annoying, but they have proven my point. So thanks. Sort of.


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