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That? Just throw that on the pile July 20, 2011

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When you think things can’t get any worse….they do. Always. An e-mail came down yesterday, Julls was tasked to deploy. Which really, I can be fine through a deployment. What I can’t be fine with is being left alone with two small kids and no support system in a foreign country for 6 months. So yeah, more family fun.

Meanwhile, yesterday I needed to go get an estimate at the Honda dealer for the lovely crack in my windshield courtesy of the Spandahlem employee that was mowing the grass as I drove by. Anyway, in a total fog as I so often am lately I drive into Bitburg and end up on base. I’m driving around, can’t hardly remember driving there, why I’m there or where I’m going then I remember, I was supposed to go to Honda….and then I go to Honda. But the point? Is that I drove around aimlessly and on auto pilot with my two little kids in the car, and I can’t function if I’m a damn space cadet. Maybe this is what is feels like to lose your mind. Maybe I really am losing it.


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