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How much does it suck here? Let me count the ways… July 13, 2011

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These things are just from THIS WEEK:

1. Burger King ran out of chicken nuggets. Really. There’s no alternative people within 10 miles. Burger King, that’s it. Really.

2. Youth activities for the summer are full. Really. There’s NOTHING I can sign my son up for…ALL SUMMER LONG.

3. My meeting with my surgeon for my abdomnioplasty has been cancelled. He’s on extended medical leave and he’s the only provider. They are trying to credential a new one but have no idea if or when that will go through and his experience is unknown. Awesome.

4. I went to the softball games on base, both the CE ladies and the CE guys had games, so we went to cheer them on. The CE ladies had to forfeit their game because one of the coaches didn’t show up and the other one showed up over an hour late. Awesome.

5. I saw the doc today about migraines I’ve been having and she says she thinks they are stress related. She wants me to see mental health about it. I told her about my previous bad relationship with the psychiatrist here on this base. She basically told me to consider doing an ERD (early release of dependents) and just leave. I won’t take my kids away from their father and I won’t voluntarily become a single parent. FML.

6. My unemployment isn’t going to last forever. It’s been floating us but now that we have two more years instead of 1 I’m going to have to really look at getting a job a lot harder. (I guess we can forget traveling any more while we are here) But wait. It gets better. Turns out there’s a hiring freeze here, zero GS positions available and very very few NAF jobs. Lucky me. And even if I find a job? My only option for daycare is the CDC. Yep. Don’t get me started on my experience with having Felix there.

So now we are hoping to do something about getting our extension taken away and getting out of here when we originally planned. One can only hope.


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