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You said what? Two more years!??? July 1, 2011

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Its been awhile since I posted. No reasons or excuses just haven’t. We are on vacation in the states. Been everywhere or so it feels. Florida was great. The last few days there were spent in Brooksville at Lindsay and Ronnie’s house. I got a wake up call after my first night there. Julls called me and broke the news that he had gone to his DEROS meeting and instead of turning down the option of extending and getting us out of Europe, he was informed that there had been a mistake with our orders two years ago and it turns out that we are on a 4 year tour, not 3.

Excuse the fuck out of me???? I’m pretty sure I’m still dreaming and didn’t hear you right. These thoughts are followed by my loud sobs and me hanging up on a still talking Julls and several days of deep depression.

No idea what we will do from here but all I keep thinking is how the hell did I get so screwed?


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