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A girl can dream can’t she? June 17, 2011

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I’ve been in the states now for just over a week. We hopped over and I will say that a ride on a C-17  is far more favorable to me than the commercial charter flight we got over on with my kids but I have ZERO complaints for real because I’m HOME. It’s so amazing to be here again, I never want to go back to Germany. When I’m there it feels like I’ll miss it but when I get back here I realize that I won’t.

Julls is in Chicago with Swedish Match right now, and will head back to Maryland and hop back home until the kids christening. I’m excited and nervous about that. Maddie and I took the kids shopping today and had a good time while Mary stayed home with the kids. Everyone had a great time. My babies love their papa and nana. I’m also looking forward to going back to Julls mom’s house. Our visits with Oma are always pretty good too.

The time here is flying by. I’m loving and savoring it and at the same time looking forward to everything we have planned for each new day. One more year I keep telling myself. What are the chances we will have Hurlburt for our next assignment? A girl can dream can’t she?


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