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Prague, Berlin, Grafenwohr and a Cold Sore Part 2 May 24, 2011

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So…..we are in Prague…and go to the meet up point for our tour….Oh boy, that was not what we expected. I paid almost $100 bucks to get a tour of Prague on a nice tour bus, and what we got was a little 20 passenger van with shitty windows for sight-seeing, almost zero suspension and a tour guide with such a thick accent you can’t tell what the hell he was saying at any time. We were pissed needless to say to waste  two of the 6 hours we had to spend in the city on that. I did even cry a little once on the bus from the sheer disappointment.

The bus did finally drop us of at Old Town Square where we got to walk around the Easter Market, buy souvenirs, get ice cream and take some beautiful pictures of the city before getting lost on our way back to the train station and squabbling some more. It was stressful but we made it and were glad to get back to Dresden. It didn’t go like we thought it would, but that’s not unlike a lot of things in life. I’m still happy we made the trip. Here’s some pictures from that excursion:


It was after this trip that I had a cold sore pop out on the left corner of my mouth. I don’t really remember ever having one before that. More on that part later.

After a day of rest to get over the Prague disaster, we loaded up the kids in the car and headed out to Berlin. The day started out well enough but not long after we got there, it began to sprinkle on and off. It was cold and wet and that’s not how you want the weather to be when you are sight-seeing. It put Julls and I both on edge. Then…the kids started to whine.

We saw several things that were on our list of things to do, and didn’t get to see several of the things we really wanted to see but all in all I’m glad we went, I’d like to go again…..sans kids…..and see the rest. It’s a beautiful place. Here’s pics from that trip:


After our trip to Berlin, we came back to Dresden and had one last dinner with Julls family. We headed to Grafenwohr to see Andrea and Jasmine on our way home. During that time, the cold sore got worse and I pretty much wanted to die. We stayed there for a couple of days and took the kids to the Nurnberg zoo. Here’s the pics from that:

It took over a week of being home for my little intruder to subside. I hope it was my first, last and only one because it SUCKED. All in all it was great to get away from our area and get a new perspective and a change of scenery, as well as get to know Julls family better and see my friend. It was hard to travel with the kids and there were bumps in the road, but in the end, when our time comes, all we have to take with us is our experiences and life memories.


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