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Fiona stuff and her 1 Year Photos May 24, 2011

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I’m posting these now because I never did it almost two months ago when I got them. Here are some of my favorites:


My beautiful baby girl. She’s almost 15 months now, and trying to talk. She babbles a lot and says mama, but I don’t think she’s referencing me necessarily. She’s been working with the physical therapist on a weekly basis and we are trying to get the braces she needs for her legs to make her ankles right. With all the progress she made with pulling up in the beginning of her therapy I was hoping that she would be walking by the time we went to the states in a few weeks. At this rate though, I’m just hoping she’s walking before she’s talking.

I get so pissed at the system when it comes to things like this. I shouldn’t have to be put through the ringer with non-availability and multiple mistakes on the behalf of the people who hold my daughter’s progress in their hands. I feel like a prisoner sometimes living overseas. I try not to complain much because of the privileges its given me to be here but when my child is suffering it makes the glamour of being in europe pail in comparison. More about this when I hear back from the insurance company.


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