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Prague, Berlin, Grafenwohr and a Cold Sore Part 1 April 25, 2011

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Today is the first day back We’ve been home for a week from our Spring Break vacation. Its been It was a crazy week to say the least, and it took a whole week for me to write this post so there were a few revisions! So, for Spring Break…

We went to Dresden, Germany to visit with the hubby’s aunt, uncle and cousin. He has always talked about how this particular power couple (she’s a lawyer, he’s a judge) are pretty wealthy and how big their house is, etc. So we get there. Our house is just as big as theirs!! I confront Julls about his stories and he says though it’s as he remembers it, it seemed much larger when he was younger. Fair enough. I’m not complaining BTW, their house was very comfortable and we had a great stay, and they were extremely hospitable.

During our stay there we did several things, but my favorites were the ride on the steam train through the forest and the tour of Dresden via Trabant. You get to drive the Trabant through the city in a caravan and via CB radio they deliver a guided tour.

Train Ride:


Trabant Tour:





Well, after all this fun, we went to Prague, Czech Republic. It’s only a two-hour train ride to there from Dresden and it’s another thing we could knock off our bucket list while on vaca. We got there fine and found the place we were supposed to meet our bus tour, then went to find some lunch. After squabbling with my husband about where to eat, we decided to eat in the food court of this big shopping mall near our tour meet point. Can’t go wrong with a food court, right? So we picked an Italian food joint, filled our bellies, swung into Starbucks to continue our tradition of buying a Starbucks mug from each city we visit, then went to meet up with our tour. Part 2 of this little adventure to come…


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