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Felix News April 2, 2011

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Felix’s school has a weekly assembly to recognize kids for different reasons. Their tag line is Bear Paw Pride, as they are the Bears. Pride is broken down as: Performance Respect Integrity Dedication and Enthusiasm. These certificates are given to students who have exhibited one of those guiding principles. Felix was honored with a certificate for Performance. The teacher did not give me the specifics on what he did exactly (what act he performed) to earn the recognition but for me it doesn’t matter because he’s a fantastic kid and he’s shown those principles to me on multiple occasions. So proud of my boy:

In other Felix news, we got his evaluation results in a meeting on Wednesday with the Special Education board and Felix was shown to have developmental delays in the areas of: fine motor skills (ie. writing, manipulating small object with his hands, etc) and in speech and cognition. The words ADHD were thrown around a little but nobody is willing to completely go there at this age for him. Which I’m glad for. I don’t really want my kid labeled just yet. He’s only 4 and we have no idea how he will develop from here, especially once he’s getting some help.

Which is exactly what comes next. We have a meeting this coming Wednesday with the Special Ed board again to go over an IEP for him. IEP stands for Individual Education Plan, and it will outline exactly what will be done to help Felix succeed in school. I assume he will get occupational therapy and speech therapy at minimum. More to come after our next meeting…


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