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Libya shmibya March 21, 2011

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So in case you people don’t keep up with the news…the United States has decided this week to take part in an attack on Mumar Gadaffi, the leader of Libya, who is attacking and killing his own people. I’ll leave it to you to do the research because the point of this post is to note that even though we are not declaring war, nor leading this attack (France is numero uno on this one), we are still wildly affected by it as military folks.

Two of my friends husbands, within 24 hours of this stuff were sent off on a no-notice deployment. Both have two small children at home. Neither were expecting it. Both are taking it hard. I really feel for them. But also, its a unique opportunity for me to be there for them in a way I may have never been able to otherwise. I don’t have a whole lot of friends, and I’m truly blessed to have the handful of true blue pals that I do have. But I digress.

We are paying for this action on Libya, and in the mean time people? We are also facing the possibility of not getting paid in a few weeks because the government is bankrupt and unable to come to an agreement on federal funding. Assholes. I’ll also leave that to you to research.

In other news, I’m going out this weekend with one of Julls co-workers and his wife and child that I never would have imagined hanging out with. Before Julls worked with the guy, I had met him and his wife through a series of other events. First at a kid’s birthday party right after Fiona was born, then the squadron ladies softball team (yes, my fat ass played softball last summer and no I wasn’t any good at it) and she and I came into contact again after that when she bought some of Felix’s old clothes from me off of Spang Yard Sales. Anyway, she’s very much my kind of people from what I know of her and I’m very interested in seeing where this leads. And of course they are set to PCS later this year. Next year is going to be way lonely.

Fuck I hate making new friends. I don’t think I’m going to bother once everyone I hang out with is gone. I have a few friends who I see less often that I can still see. The fact that I don’t see them as often doesn’t make them any less friends and one of them actually has been so amazingly good to me from day 1…she knows who she is if she’s reading this. Love ya babe!

Anyway, that’s also the shitty part. One of my two friends who were hit hard by this last minute deployment is one of my best friends. She’s who I call 10 times a day with my every stupid thought, who I spend weekends with, and go to lunches with and shit, if she goes home during the deployment I’m going to be heart-broken but also, I’m going to be so happy for her that she is in the states and able to get damn near anything she wants 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the land-o-plenty. 17 more months. And yes, I’m not a retard who doesn’t realize it could be way worse for me and I truly do appreciate all the good things, but I’m in a crappy nostalgic mood tonight and it’s my blog, I can bitch if I want to.


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