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Yard Sale Yuckie March 13, 2011

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Its been a quiet day in our house for the most part. It’s gray and gross outside….big shocker, I know. I have a headache again as I do on all icky gray days. Apparently I’m allergic to shitty weather. So Germany was the natural choice for us to move to, grrrrrrrrr.

So…I have been debating on getting Fiona a cage fenced in play yard for the living room. I have a hard time showering, doing laundry, etc., basically anything that requires me leaving the room for more than 2 minutes. There’s just too much for her to get in to and I expect that will only get worse as she starts walking.

I have my options narrowed down and I’m really starting to research my options when BAM! There’s a fence style play yard on Spang Yard Sales. Woohoo! Not only will I now save money on this purchase, I don’t have to deal with getting it forwarded by the APO forwarding service and I don’t have to wait like a month for it to get here! YAY!!! I’m ecstatic! So I e-mail the seller and make sure they still have it, and ask if I can purchase it. She says YES! Woohoo! We decide when and were to meet up, and we go there. She gets it out of her can to hand to me, and then I see it….dried goo. Different colors and textures of it…on each of the six panels. Gross.

I put it in my car, thank them and start to get in my car. Turns out these people are the parents of a kid in Felix’s class. They seem nice enough, and they were clean and dressed decent and have a decent car. I didn’t peg them for garbage people, but I will tell you that if I had to make the judgement based on the gate alone I’d have pegged them as trailer trash garbage people. All I could think about is what the inside of their house must be like.

So I get it home and clean it up and it turns out pretty ok. I’ve ordered an extension kit for it online. And it will take a while to get here having to be processed through the APO forwarder, yadda yadda yadda. I also ordered a floor pad puzzle so Fiona isn’t stuck playing on the cold tile floor. Sometimes I feel bad that Fiona seems to get more than Felix did but really I’m thinking that it’s not more stuff, it’s just different stuff. She get the benefit of me now having done this Mom thing before and now I know somewhat what I’m doing.

Poor Felix had me when I was a first time Mom and I wasn’t all that great at it. My mother…well…wasn’t exactly and still isn’t very much help when it comes to…uh, anything, especially this parenting thing and most of my friends were also first time parents at the time so it was the blind leading the blind. Fiona is spoiled by my experience this time around. But Felix is spoiled in that he will always be my first baby. My first everything when it comes to being a mommy. It’s a special thing. And Fiona being the only girl, and the baby of the family, that’s a special thing too. So really I guess that neither really has anything over the other, they just each have things from me that are different.

So lets hope this cage play yard thing works out and I can contain my kiddo and get more done during the day. To be continued…


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