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McFatty Fat Fat March 7, 2011

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So. I need to lose 25lbs. like, now. Summer is almost here. My weight is at an all time high in several years. I can blame some of that on Germany. There’s not a  lot to do, not a lot of money to do it with and kids that always seem to need to come first when I do want to do things.

Now, the rest….is on me. Because in truth, I could eat better, but, that would only go so far. Really the main problem is my activity level. I’ve become a bum around the house girl. The weather mostly sucks and I never want to get out in the nasty wet gray cold that is Germany. Well, minus the 3 months of decent weather we have in June, July and August. So I’ll say that most likely I’ll lose some weight this summer but I want to lose this weight and keep it off.

My clothes don’t fit and I look terrible in everything I wear. This is not ok. I worked way too hard to get smaller. So here’s what I want to do. I want to make an appointment. With myself. To work out. I’m not good at doing this on my own, so I plan to sign up for a class at the base. This is much easier to do when the sun is out later because I then don’t feel like I’m out too “late” like I do when the sun goes down at 4pm.

Wish me luck folks. I’m going to need it I’m sure. But something’s gotta give. I’m not going to have any clothes to wear soon. I’m already down to just the stretchy ones. Oh boy.


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