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Happy 1st Birthday Fiona March 2, 2011

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I’m writing this now with the scent of my baby girl fresh on my skin. I just spent a few precious minutes in the glider in her room with her, rocking her before sleep. It’s been a long time since we have done that….since she was still very small. It felt magical.

My baby girl turned 1 today. It was bitter-sweet. We spent the day together hanging out, then when she got up from her nap, and Felix was home from school, we went outside and played in the sunshine. It’s rare for nice sunshiny days here in Germany so you have to take full advantage. I bundled us all up and we hit the front yard to soak up the rays.

It was just in time for the neighbors to pick their daughter up from the Kindergarten down the street. They stopped by and we hung out for a while. They also brought Fiona a gift. Melanie, the neighbor, can crochet, so she made Fiona some booties:


They also brought her a pink bath towel with a hood on it. Which is really nice because we don’t have one like that for her. Our regular bath towels are really thick and don’t always do the trick.

Julls came home from work shortly after that. Turns out between lunch and quitting time, he got attacked by the evil stomach virus that’s been passed around in my house this week. He went straight to bed when he got home, so I celebrated with the kids on my own.  He was deployed for Felix’s first birthday and sick for Fiona’s. Though I think it’s sad that he did not celebrate with them, I also am a little bit selfishly pleased with the idea that I got to have them all to myself for this special time.

So once Julls got settled into bed, I threw the kids in the car and headed off to Bitburg to find a playground with baby swings, so that I could take Fiona to a park and swing for the first time. As it turns out, not a single park on that whole base, and there’s at least ten of them, has baby swings. Boo. So, I picked a park, and took Fiona to swing, in my lap. It worked out well, and we had a good time while Felix ran around. It was super cold even with the sun out, like, mid 40s, so we didn’t stay long.

We stopped off at McDonald’s to pick up dinner. Felix got a happy meal, as did I, and I grabbed a small milkshake for Fiona. Chocolate. No birthday cake today, so I figured her first chocolate shake would suffice. We came home, checked on daddy, then ate dinner, while we Skyped with grandpa and opened his gift for her:


All in all I had a great day with my kids. I know that Fiona won’t remember any of it come tomorrow. I think the moments we fret over towards the beginning of our children’s lives are more for us than for them. It’s the times like these that keep us going through the madness of every day life.

As I was tucking my kids into bed tonight, I saw that Felix lost his second tooth. It was loose last night as Julls noticed when he was brushing Felix’s teeth after his bath. I snapped some pics of the kids playing together this afternoon and upon blowing one up I could see that the tooth was still there when he got home from school. I’m assuming he lost it eating his happy meal tonight. When I asked him about it he swears that it’s in his belly. Two teeth he’s lost…and he’s swallowed them both! At this rate the tooth fairy may never visit our house!


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