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Move over Betty Crocker! February 23, 2011

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As the day of Fiona’s party draws near I find myself feeling once again that my children are growing up too fast. Their ages are so much fun I’d like to just pause time and be suspended here for a while. Next month I will be registering Felix for kindergarten and in a few days we will be celebrating Fiona’s 1st birthday. My family drives me crazy sometimes but truly they are my world. Without them, nothing else matters.

My friend Kim is all handy and stuff. She has inspired me to make Fiona’s birthday cake myself. I’ve been practicing making cakes for a month or two in hopes of getting it right for the party. Here’s my practice cake for her:

Yes I’m an amateur but I think it’s not too shabby. My mom was a graduate student for most of my childhood. I grew up in front of the tv with box dinners. I don’t want that life for my family. It fulfills something in me to be able to do this for my daughter and I hope that it will bring fond memories for her when she is my age and looking back.

So I’m not going pro any time but for the Kohl house….move over Betty Crocker….this mom is on a mission!


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