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Diary – President’s Day Weekend 2011 February 21, 2011

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Friday – I was pretty bummed Friday. When the day started, I had planned to have lunch with Natalie, then go to a movie with Tamesa that night. By 2pm, lunch with Natalie had fallen through and Tamesa had opted out of going out. BUMMER. I take advantage of any time I can get out and be social. I’ve noticed on days that I get out and leave the house, I feel less like a lump of crap, emotionally and physically.

I had also had tentative plans to run away with Kim for an over night trip on Saturday. Which by Friday night she had decided she did not want to go. DAMNIT. So I pretty much felt like the afore-mentioned lump of crap by Friday night. I simply went to bed and figured I could start over and make new weekend plans! It’s still early right!?

Saturday – As it turned out, Saturday kinda sucked too. I felt like poo. I didn’t do much but play on my laptop, play with the kids, and I took a two hour nap in the early afternoon. I did manage to drag myself out to the commissary but for the most part, it was a waste of a day. But behold! I did have Sunday plans! I was supposed to meet Kim for lunch with her kids for a moms-and-kiddos lunch date!

Sunday – We kept our plans!! It turned out to be a great day! Fiona was napping so just Felix and I headed to base and we met Kim and her kiddos at Popeye’s. Everyone had yummy lunch and the kids played and it was fun! After that we all headed to the commissary since Kim and I had a few things we both needed to grab. The kids were well-behaved and when we were all done, we parted ways. I had been thinking about taking Felix to see a movie. Julls had taken him several times to the kids matinees in Florida when we used to live there but I hadn’t taken Felix to a movie at this preschool age he is now.

I came home and checked my Facebook and e-mail when I got a call from Natalie. I asked her if she wanted to join us with her kiddos and she said yes. SWEET! I picked them up and we went to the theatre to see Tangled. Super cute movie. The kids were all good and it was nice to do something out of the house! We headed back to Natalie’s house to drop her and her kids off, but went inside for a few…..which turned into 2 hours! The kids ran around and played and me and Natalie and Thomas hung out and chatted. Natalie said I should call Julls and have him come over so we could play cards. YAY. I have a small obsession with Phase 10. Its my favorite card game. Natalie and Thomas are the ones who introduced us to it and the only ones I know who play so we will definitely miss that when they leave. So we played cards til almost 1am. Got the kids home and went to bed around 3. It’s always weird to stay up that late now. I forget that while I’m not “young” I’m not “old” either! Fun times.

Monday – Natalie and I went out for lunch to make up for that lunch we missed on Friday. We ate at the Vietnamese place near the base. Man I love that place. I ordered duck for the first time. YUM. We went to the BX and hung out a little but it was a good time. In case I haven’t talked about it, Natalie is moving away next weekend. I have spent the week sucking up the little time we have left.

So I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at home. Julls and I have been arguing a lot this weekend. He’s grumpy. Which makes me grumpy. It’s a vicious cycle but as least I know it will end at some point! I managed to get Fiona’s room all cleaned up, clothes gone through, and Felix’s room all cleaned up. It’s nice to start the week with things fresh, and neat and clean!

I had wanted to make a practice cake for Fiona’s birthday. I’m so very excited to be doing it myself! I haven’t gotten to it yet but it’s only just after 8pm. Never know what the rest of the night can bring! When I get around to making a photo gallery, I’ll start posting pictures of my culinary genius.

Until next time…..happy President’s Day!


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