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How I Met My Mister February 19, 2011

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The internet. It’s a beautiful thing. If it were not for the internet, I do believe I would still be single. I wasn’t big into computers until the end of high school. I’d definitely not had any luck meeting anyone good in real life. It was my senior year of high school and I was dating a jerk named Frank. His parents had a computer and got a subscription to AOL.

I don’t remember the exact details of how or why I got sucked into it but once I got online, I was addicted. All these people to meet and talk to anonymously!!! Guys who might not judge me immediately based on my looks!! (I’ve been fat on and off my whole life and we can say it’s not done anything good for my self-esteem)

My mom and I had gotten 5 acres and had a mobile home built there so that she and I could pursue our love of horses. I was 12 and thought I had won the lottery. A couple of years later, we got neighbors that moved in on the 5 acres next to us. They never seemed to be around, but one day I heard music blaring and a hammer hammering. I walked over and introduced myself. It was a single man in his 40s with two teenage kids!! Hooray!! It was going to be so great!!

They were going to have pizza for dinner…did me and my mom want to come over??? YES!!!!!! My mom and him hit it off. She started spending the nights next door, leaving me alone at our house a lot. Turns out the son lived with his mom and was only there for visitation. The daughter was almost 20 and didn’t care much for hanging out with a 15-year-old. They got married some months later. He eventually sold his land and moved in with us. Our small 2br mobile home became crowded quickly and I got that they pretty much couldn’t wait for me not to be there anymore.

So I stayed at Frank’s house a lot. My mom knew I was having sex and allowed me to spend the nights out on the weekends. Guy or girl’s house, didn’t matter. I thought again I had won the lottery with the world’s coolest mom…in reality…they wanted the house to themselves to have sex too. So back to Frank’s. His dad was a trucker and he was the baby of the family, only one still left at home. So it was just him and his mom most of the time. And me. Frank worked at Walgreens, a lot of evenings, so I would hang out at his house, and his mom would let me use the computer. I stayed with retard Frank for almost two years. I finally dumped him towards the end of my first year of college. Right around the time I met Mike. Not on the computer.

Mike had a low rider truck, was good-looking and was flirting with me at a red light from the next lane over. Feeling awesome about having dumped Frank, I wrote my number down and threw it in his truck window. I dated Mike for almost a year. He was 26 I was 18 and thought I won the lottery. Again. I dated Mike through the cheating and the lies until it led to him knocking up a 17-year-old neighbor. This landed me homeless since I had decided to move out of my mom’s house and in with him. Mom said that if I moved out I was never going to be allowed to come back. This was supposed to deter me from actually moving out and making a huge mistake. It didn’t work. Unfortunately for me, she kept her promise.

My friend’s mom took me in eventually. I hadn’t been able to convince my mom that living in my car for two weeks was unacceptable but I was able to convince her that I needed a computer for college. The friend (Lindsay) mom worked as a nurse to Hospice patients during the day and so I was able to use their phone line for a dial-up connection to the internet and chat on AOL. I met several other guys this way over the next several years, which I will one day fill you in on.

Fast forward several years to now I’m using Yahoo instead of AOL and doing so from my laptop with a wireless cable connection. I’m in my own place. I’m 25. I’m chatting with some friends / guys when I get an IM. The guy in the picture is cute enough, but he looks young. He is. He’s 21. Since I’m not just trolling for dates here, I decide to friend him. And we chat off and on over several weeks. Then he asks for my number. OK. I’ll talk to the guy. Can’t hurt, right? Did I mention I’m casually dating people at this time? Me and young dude? We can be friends. Won’t hurt anything. So we talk. On the phone. Every day, for the next week. And at the end of that week? He wants to take me to dinner. At this point I’m laughing a bit. What the hell is baby boy going to do with a girl like me!? Turns out, he’s going to take me to dinner, sweep me off my feet, come over every single day after work thus scaring away any other potential dates, and then make me his wife.

The rest is history, but history has its details. I guess the point of this post is that even when unpleasant things happen our life, they happen for a reason. And everything that’s happened in your life right up to this second, had to happen for you to be where you are. And if you like where you are, be thankful for all that stuff, good and bad. Because without it, you would be someone else. And I don’t know about you, but for me? I’m happy. Right here. Right now. With my husband. My kids. And all my memories of how today came to be.


2 Responses to “How I Met My Mister”

  1. Julls Says:

    You don’t give yourself enough credit. You claim that you’ve “been fat on and off your whole life”. I think you’re beautiful, sexy, and one hell of a mom!

    To be honest, I never even thought I had a chance with you. I was like, “hmm, what do I have to offer her. I live in a dorm, and drive a POS”. I’ll never forget the first time we met when we were heading down to the Oyster Barn. I walked up to your door, and when you were standing there I was like, “WOW, how did I get her to even think about meeting me”. I was looking at myself thinking, “yeah…I’ll never be able to get her to even think of me anything more than just a date”. Well…the rest is history.

    You’re the best thing that ever happend to me!

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