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Social Butterfly February 17, 2011

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It’s been a strange day. I’ve gotten to talk with Kim, Tamesa, and Natalie. I’ve gotten laundry done and cleaned the kitchen, and made a grocery list. And I’m tired. I don’t know why I get so sleepy and unproductive at this time of day. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to have lunch with Natalie, see an evening movie with Tamesa, and possible go away with Kim for the weekend. If socializing could be a paid profession, I believe I could make my family rich. I think being an only child has driven my need for being very social. Speaking of socializing, we had a good time with the neighbors last night. We also discovered that we share an affinity for the same card game. I hope we get to play it with them soon!

Natalie and her family finally got the orders they were waiting for to head out to Barksdale, LA, their next duty station. They haven’t been here a year yet. Natalie found out this past October that her mom had cancer. They got a humanitarian transfer so that they could be close with the family during her treatment/battle. I’ve found myself being envious that they are not only leaving but going somewhere close to where I want to live but when I think of the reasons why I no longer feel that way. Plus, I’m traveling around Europe. Once in a lifetime opportunity, ya know?

I gave Fiona her first ever peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. No allergies. Yay. Peanut allergies would suck. By the way, the kids are being unusually well behaved. I am growing suspicious…they must be plotting something…


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