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Public Nakedness February 16, 2011

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Today is the hubby’s 27th birthday. To celebrate, we went to the sauna at the local swimming pool complex. Its pretty awesome there. There’s several pools, hot tubs, saunas, water slides, and they have a couple of places to eat and offer massage therapy. The germans are really into holistic health. Anyway, the sauna. I’ve never been before. Julls has gone with the neighbor a few times before and raved about it. I was stoked. So we got Felix off to school, Fiona off to the babysitter, and headed out.

Then the feeling came. The one in the pit of my stomach that hit when I realized that I was going to be naked. In public. Now, I’ll start off by saying that as Americans, we are prude as hell. The local magazines and newspapers show boobies all the time. For the germans, it’s no big deal. For me, from land of the prudes, its major.

So we get there. Prepay for our two hours. Walk in the changing room…..where we are greeted……by two naked women. One baring the boobies, the other bare assed. I try not to stare but really, I couldn’t help myself. We find empty lockers, breathe in one real good time…..and strip. In the co-ed locker room. In front of these two women. And then in front of the man who walked in as soon as I was in the buff. I’m cool and calm on the outside….and hyperventilating on the inside.

I pick up my towel, as does the hubby, and we head into the sauna area. Where we are greeted….by more naked people. Penises…..boobies…..everywhere. I took in the room for probably 15 seconds….then something happened. I calmed down. I dropped my towel, and walked through that room, uninhibited, to the first sauna. Stepped in, relaxed, and really began to enjoy myself.

We spent the rest of the two hours, hopping in and out of the different saunas testing them all out. We tried out all the different showers. They had a rain shower, one that sprayed from the sides, one that was a long skinny strip that poured like a waterfall. It was awesome. There was even an infinity pool in the middle of the room, about 18 inches deep, that you could sit in and stare out the picture window into the sky and just relax in. We used it in between sauna stints. All that free-spirited nakedness was really good for me. It allowed me to embrace something new and to let go of some old stigmas that are probably unhealthy. It also made me feel sexy. Something I don’t feel very often. It felt good to be all turned on and in tune with my inner woman.

After a relaxing morning, and I do mean relaxing, we went to a local kebap (Turkish restaurant) and ordered our favorite meals for lunch. It was the best time we have spent together in a really long time. The neighbors are supposed to come over tonight around 8 at which time I will surprise Julls with his ice cream cake. I hope his birthday was as good for him as it was for me.


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