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Good – Sweden!! Bad – My Mother February 15, 2011

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On the way home from the BX this evening (got my eyebrows waxed and bought birthday cards for Julls from the kids and I) Julls called  to give me some news. He’d been invited to Sweden by Swedish Match, a tobacco company that produces some of the products he uses.

Quick Background: Julls used to smoke. I hated it and begged him to quit. So he did, but with the help of a tobacco product called SNUS, which was first created and marketed in Sweden. Julls got really into the product and joined its online community. He got noticed by some folks in the industry. Then he started getting sent free product to review and he made video reviews and posted them online. Next thing we know, the big whigs are inviting him to Sweden!

So holy cow! All expenses paid trip to Sweden!! I’m going to arrange a sitter and fly out to meet him for the weekend portion. Pretty Awesome!!!

So then I called my mom to tell her about it. Big Mistake. There’s far too much history with my mother to really get into the nitty-gritty. Long story short…she’s bipolar. Been on and off my whole life but really did well and held it together from about age 11 to 22. She got a divorce from her 3rd husband at that time and has never recovered. She’s now on disability, and lives her days doped up. She mixes up memories, forgets half of everything you tell her and can’t focus. 4 large doses of Xanax a day in addition to several other medications will do that to you.

Anyway, so I called to explain what had happened and not only could she not place Julls using SNUS (a product we’ve not only discussed several times but he’s been using for 5 years which she’s witnessed every time we’ve visited) she also said that he used electronic cigarettes, which has NEVER happened. My cousin Stephanie’s husband, Kailand uses them. She mixed them up but she always still thinks she’s right. I hate that. Its like arguing with someone who has Alzheimer’s. My mom is 50 by the way. It’s sad to have lost her already at this age. I say lost her, because there’s very little pleasant about being with her therefore we don’t have much of a relationship anymore.

So that’s it. I had to unload when I got off the phone with her. I could spend hours and pages pouring it all out about my mom. One day I’ll do that. Right now, I’m going to try not to think about it for the rest of the night.


One Response to “Good – Sweden!! Bad – My Mother”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    So happy for you guys. Take lots of pictures in Sweden. That’s one place Kevin and I won’t make it to.

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