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Massage from the boss’s wife January 18, 2011

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I got a massage today. The second one I’ve had since my daughter was born. I used to get them alot more often. Then we got sent to Germany. And I had no job. And no money. And no babysitter. But all that is besides the point. I got a massage. And it was fabulous. And I want another one sometime soon.

The massage therapist is a woman I saw on Facebook. I felt better about booking my massage with an American military spouse because there was no language barrier and I was sure of what I was getting and what i would pay for it, etc. I’ve sometimes had problems ordering things at restaurants and such with the language barrier and when it comes to being naked on a table, its good to know exactly what to expect. So back to the therapist…I saw her picture on FB. I knew she looked familiar and I couldn’t place it so I dropped it….until I walked in for my appointment today. I had recognized the face but because the hair had been different I didn’t realize….that the therapist was the wife of a very high ranking person in my husband’s squadron. I found it intimidating but about 10 minutes into it I no longer cared because it was AMAZING. She was so damn good, she knew exactly what she was doing and I am so happy I went.

My babsitter is Sara. She’s a german national, who speaks very good English. She is married to an American who was on active duty when they met. He’s now a reservist and works for AAFES  in the mean time. I like her alot, she lives in a convenient locale and my kids love her. Anyway, since I dropped Fiona off this morning and it was her nap time when I picked her up, I didn’t see much of her today until around 4:30 when she got up from her nap.

Its been interesting watching her and trying to process that my little baby is going to turn 1 in a few weeks. She’s totally adorable, and fun…..and manipulative. She screams at the top of her lungs and fake cries to get me to look her direction. Its so fascinating. Meanwhile, she has issues. Her tummy never seems to really want to process anything we give her….which leads to alot of throwing up and explosions of the diarrhea sort. I wonder if that will ever figure itself out. It has to, right? I suppose I’ll add that to the list of crap I forgot to discuss at my last pediatrician appointment.

I have a bit of ADHD. I foget stuff. Like, to post when I start a blog. Yeah, that’s me. It leads to me being a less than stellar mother, wife, employee, etc., but I try. The psychiatrist here on base is a turd and doesn’t want to treat me for my problem. Apparently giving someone with a history of depression stimulants for ADD isn’t a good idea. I say forgetting to pay the VISA bill isn’t a good idea. I’m supposed to see him again soon to revisit the issue. I’ll keep you posted.


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