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Growing kids and wasting time… September 14, 2010

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Turns out my little Fiona is really growing!! She had her 6 month well baby appointment and she’s 26″ and 17lbs 13oz!! Holy cow she’s a big girl! And Felix, 41 inches and 44lbs. He’s a sturdy guy like his dad. I always worry about their physical development, being the short-fat type myself.

Thanks to my gastric bypass I’m hovering around 170, which is still way too fat for being 5’1 btw. Anyway, I was right at 300lbs when I had the surgery….pretty damn huge….lived a life of torment with my weight problems and would die inside if I had to watch my kids go through it. Looks like they may inherit their dad’s genes thankfully. Long legged folks, none of which are pear shaped, unlike my family. Here’s to hoping…..

Meanwhile, I finally finished The Pretender series from like ten years ago. Somewhat disappointing but I did LOVE the series. Have I mentioned what its like trying to watch US tv from overseas? Their IP addresses hate us.

Lastly, my kids, in a miracle of epic proportions, took naps at the same time today, allowing me to have a 3 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon. BLISS.


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