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A Little Peek at Me September 12, 2010

My blog is about: ME. A scrapbook if you will of moments in my life that I feel are worth sharing. That being said…

Getting to know someone by reading about them on an “About Me” page is like looking outside through the peep-hole on your front door; it’s a narrow view. I’m complicated.

I’m damaged but healthy. I’m not happy-go-lucky but I like to enjoy life. I’m a mother and a wife, but that doesn’t define me. I’m loving, and generous, and I want good things for everyone I know and love. I like to drive fast, love fast, and live slow. I’m smart, but not genius and I’m wise but I don’t listen to own advice as much as I should. I like card games, and board games, and I spend way too much time on the computer. I’m impatient. I’m still discovering myself. I learn new things about myself all the time. And now I will take the time to write them down. Here.

I’m married to a slightly younger guy who is in the military. We have two small children and I believe they are a blessing sent from God to save my from myself. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree but stayed at home with the kids while we lived overseas. We are on our way back to the states soon so start life over at a new duty station. I’m excited, and nervous, and so ready to go back to work. I miss getting up and out the door every day. It’s good for my soul, gives me a sense of balance. We recently moved to Las Vegas and I’ve been on the  hunt for a job but not had any luck. If getting a job is lucky. Some days I feel very lucky to be staying home. I am often torn about this. I just started my new job. I’m loving it there but I miss a lot of things about staying home with the kids. I know deep down though that I made the right decision for all of us and I think I will be very happy working for this company.

Our family setup is pretty normal as those things go but I love my life and to me its extraordinary. I’m here to tell our story to whoever wants to know it. And hopefully to share this with my kids one day. So they can see what our life was like when they were growing up.

Here’s our crew:

Me and the Hubby                                          Felix and Fiona

Me and Hubby             


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